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GoodGuy Store was established in Kuwait on 3rd August 2017 by an individual who is passionate and enthusiastic with collectibles.

The founder started collecting figures, comics, video games and art prints at a very young age, saving his allowances to buy an item he couldn't afford.
As he turned into a business, he kept all the most important things he values the most in every piece he collects.

He calls it, the CORE-VALUES of a collection. It is for him the very essence of being a collector.

These CORE-VALUES is what makes GoodGuy Store a team now.
1. The BRAND, that we will only collect and deal with licensed and authentic items from licensed suppliers and manufacturers.
2. The QUALITY, that will stay for not just a lifetime but for many generations.
3. The EXCLUSIVITY, that not everyone can posses for every limited editions.
4. The TECHNIQUE and CREATIVITY, put in every design and construction of every single statue and figure.
And above all,
5. The WORTH of a collection is not measured by how much they cost but by how much PASSION, LOVE and RESPECT is

spent by the designers and manufacturers for creating each collection.

Now, GoodGuy Store has two branches, GoodGuy Store Kuwait and GoodGuy Store Qatar.

We opened our very first retail store in Symphony Mall, Kuwait On December 2020 followed by the second store in Doha, Qatar by 2021.

Our mission is to stay true and to share our CORE-VALUES to our customers and to always deliver exceptional customer service.

Our vision is to be the number 1 collectible shop in the Middle East and beyond.